Smoke, Mirrors, and Hot Air.

D-O-N    A-L-D    T-R-U-M-P   DONALD TRUMP mike pence DONALD TRUMP mike pence, forever hold our ‘whatever’ high. *snickers* Welcome to the Trumpeteers club kids.

I could leave it at that! Just that could be the take-away, the meme for the day.

But I won’t!

Invocation of the muse

Oh, ‘wherever’ shall I start? ‘With what’ shall I commence with, and wherefore shall I begin. Opinion? Satire, Lampoon? Bombast? I have no problem with all four, as you may have noticed. I like Mr Trump’s style; his unique oratory style, his lack of political correctness-ive. Is it respect? is it imitation? is it some serendipitous, weird parallel reality mojo? Only time will tell! I guess! I don’t use exclamation for emphasis, I use them properly, to note an exclamation, as in, I exclaim. A phrase that doesn’t qualify as a sentence, yet must be said. And much can and must be said about Mr Trump. I exclaim! Well that’s some measure of Ado about not much. So I’ll get on with doing what I do so well. ‘snickers’ Oh, it’s fun being me! Okay, well that was for emphasis, giggles.


So the big news, Mr Trump went down to Mexico yesterday (Aug 31)—


where he meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto. It was reported to me that Pres. Nieto took a siesta while Mr Trump droned on in his stylistic fashion—as he does—during the meeting. After the private meeting the two made some public remarks before the press. As I watched the video feed I noted that it took some time for the two to enter the room and take to the podiums—as one does after taking a short nap—I also observed Pres Nieto blinking his eyes several times, so that lends some credence to the reportage I received concerning the nap-age.


I woke up Wednesday morning to hear of Mr Trumps appointment with the President of Mexico; I thought with glee, now’s the time, getting all rife with it, now’s the time to build the wall, the perfect-es-es time to build that wall; I was disillusioned as I didn’t note any press releases detailing that such an endeavor had begun. *sad face emoji here* I understand the first thing discussed was Mr Trumps pie in the sky proposal for a big fat wonderful wall, and who would pay for it. In an earlier report the former President of Mexico declared that Mr Trump was not liked or welcome in Mexico, and that he would not be F-ing paying for the wall. Mr Trump responded with, “We’ll build the wall ten feet higher.” Shortly after that I learned that the stock in companies that make pole vaulting poles ten feet higher soared above the competition. The ones made in Mexico! Bazinga!

So what I understand from the print media is that the issue of the wall, and presumably who would pay for it, was first on the agenda, with the candidate relating that the wall was discussed, who would pay for it was not discussed. “Who pays for the wall? We didn’t discuss,” [D Trump] Later President Enrique Peña Nieto related that building the wall and who would pay for it, was discussed. He also said flatly that Mexico would not be paying for it. He also related that the issue with Mexicans illegally crossing the border peaked some ten years ago, and that the real issue was the torrent of guns (torrente di pistole) crossing into Mexico. I would propose that cash flowing into Mexico from the illicit drug trade, to the Mexican Drug Cartels providing cash to purchase said armaments, is also an issue.

After the discussing the wall, Pres. Nieto related that the conservation moved on to other topics “in a respectful fashion. There be no raised voices, flailing arms, vaguely threatening innuendo there. Presumably! Topics such as trade and commerce. The candidate has made the Wall (immigration) and trade the centerpiece of his campaign. On the campaign trail the candidate has been railing against the lack of immigration policies resulting in an influx of undocumented migrants. He also has been bemoaning the ‘unfair’ trade practices of countries that the US has trade agreements with; relating that the US is the ‘big loser’ and that if the policies are not ‘renegotiated’ the nation will become a third-world nation, presumably. This is of course rhetoric and political pandering. Of course my opinions also classify as rhetoric, but that’s beside the point. In Pres Nieto’s carefully crafted response, he expressed the fact that Mexico is not the only winner, that the US benefits, relating that “I don’t think that commerce must be considered a zero sum game, so that only one wins and the other one loses,” [Pres Nieto] he also noted that “more than six million US jobs rely on exports to Mexico.” All of which depends on the NAFTA treaty. NAFTA, if you remember, was a product of Daddy Bush’s Administration, proposed, negotiated, signed by the three leaders of the applicable nations during Bush’s administration; yes it was ratified by/during Pres Clinton’s administration,  it passed the House and Senate by a GOP majority, and then was signed into law by Pres Clinton.

After the meeting during the press conference both the leader of Mexico and candidate Trump dispensed with some prepared remarks. Pres Nieto spoke rationally about how the relationship between Mexico and the US has been a long one, and mutually benefited both nations. Candidate Trump spoke in rhetoric that amounted to political pandering. That’s my take on it, and you’re welcome to it.