First I’m for immigration, then I was against, now I’m not sure.

I want You out
I want You out
Well maybe a little, whatever!

So Mr Trump began his campaign shouting about how all Mexicans being ‘sent’ to us were Gypsy’s Tramps and Thieves, well at least Criminals and Rapists and other unsavory types. All part of a grand scheme on the part of the authorities in the Mexican government presumably. After which he continued to espouse on the nefarious deeds of other ethnic groups, first calling out an entire Religion, then softening his rhetoric to, well, regions that contain a high population of said religion. All in the name of national security. ‘God Damn their eyes’ the candidate said; as reported to a brother, of some cousin, who told three friends, one of which tweeted about it, or so I’m told. Yes! All this shouting of course is to espouse the need to curtail the massive influx of people that are flocking to our shores to bask in the glory of freedom and democracy, which brings us to the immigration stance of the aforementioned candidate. Mr Trump wants to deport all those who have come to this nation yet haven’t been able to wade through the bureaucracy of the immigration laws and become proper citizens. This would require rounding them all up and sending them packing. This is strange as Republican leaders are all about smaller, less restrictive government; and it would seem to this researcher that this endeavor would require beefing up the Immigration and Customs Enforcement apparatus. All the while lowering taxes that primarily benefit those with lots of money, and want more, so as they can invest it and make more money, which they don’t have to pay quite as much Taxes on. It’s a vicious cycle. Yet, perhaps, we can make someone else else pay for all this deporting, perhaps a deportation Tax. I don’t see that happening! I can’t imagine an individual accumulating a pile of cash sitting in an ICE detention facility. Another vicious cycle. One that requires government funding to operate such a facility. Sigh! And with that sigh I’ll begin the next paragraph.

Just recently the candidate has been softening his tone, his stance, his rhetoric on this issue. Proposing that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be so harsh with individuals that have been a credit to society, that are flourishing in this great nation, and are at least willing to pay taxes, on the pay they get from their low pay jobs. Jobs such as waiters, cooks and housekeepers at Mr Trumps Mar-a-Lago Club down on Florida’s ‘other coast.’ Which brings us to the next paragraph quite nicely.

At Wednesday’s (Aug 24th) rally in Tampa, Donald Trump declared he would be the “greatest jobs president that God ever created,” growing opportunity and protecting Americans “from illegal immigration and broken visa programs.” “We have to take care of the people of our country,” Trump said. [Tampa Bay Times 1st and 2nd para] Trump has been “in-sourcing” for more than a decade, some 800 positions at Mar-a-Lago since 2006. He is currently seeking 13 foreign workers for Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, records show. [TBT 4th para] He defends the legal practice, saying he can’t find other workers.  That’s simply false, according to a local career center .[TBT 5th para] “When you bring someone in on one of these visas they can’t go work for anybody else,” Rubio said during a March 3 debate in Detroit. “They either work for you or they have to go back home. You basically have them captive, so you don’t have to worry about competing for higher wages with another hotel down the street. And, that’s why you bring workers from abroad.”[TBT 12th para


We see Mr Trump is hard on Immigrants, except when they benefit his ‘bottom line.’

I propose we build a wall around Mr Trump and make him pay for it.



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